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Got a pet that is shy, young or nervous? Our quiet rooms offer a safe and comfortable haven

Some cats and dogs are not always suited to being around noisy and boisterous pets, especially if they are significantly younger or older than the rest. We therefore offer custom-built quiet rooms here at Lisgorgan Boarding Kennels & Catteries, which are areas that are similar to a normal house with a kitchen, living room, bedroom etc. Your pet can then enjoy their stay as much as our other residents, without ever feeling intimidated or afraid.

What else can Lisgorgan Boarding Kennels & Catteries offer?

Why not take a look at our dog kennels and cattery facilities, as well as our extensive grooming services? Your pets can also benefit from the vast amount of outdoor spaces to stretch their legs, click here to take a look.


If you have any questions or would like further information about what we can offer, contact us today and we will be happy to help you.


Plenty of room

Similar to a real house

Pets feel relaxed and at home

A small fluffy dog beside a navy blue bean bag bed topped with two cream cushions One of our custom built quiet rooms with a green and brown pet bed in the corner A custom built quiet pen Quiet_Sub3_220x150 A tub chair in front of a pink wall in our quiet area